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Various activities under CMP in Primary classes were organized during the SESSION 2015-16.

  1. Important Events happenings during the Session:-
    • Drawing competition: - Class wise competition from Classes I to V was conducted based on a given theme to each class. Children showed their creativity through beautiful colors.
    • Toffee Race: - Inter house (Boys and girls) toffee race for classes I and II was conducted. The event was full of fun and joy for the tiny tots.
    • Lemon Race: - Inter house (Boys and girls) Lemon Spoon race for classes III to V was conducted. Children participated with great enthusiasm.
    • Spelling test:- English spelling test was organized for classes I to V
    • Formative Assessment-1:-FA-1 exam was conducted for classes III to Activity sheets were distributed to class I and II under continuous comprehensive evaluation.
    • Clay molding competition: - “Clay molding” competition was organized for classes I and II where children kindled their fingers according to their imagination.
    • Best out of waste competition: - For classes III to V “Best out of waste” competition was organized in which children brought waste materials from their home and made useful things out of waste things. Children exhibited their artistic skills and made things like Pencil stand, Ganesh, Ice-cream, models of animals, birds, puppets etc.

(II) Important or Innovative programme carried out in the Vidyalaya with notable success:-

  1. Improvement of English handwriting:-The Principal of the vidyalayaMr.M.L.Beniwal has taken a project of improving English handwriting in the school from the classes I to XII for which every language teacher is instructed to take up this project seriously in their respective classes and ask the students to make separate notebooks for this and give at least one page to write in cursive handwriting.
    • Demonstration of lab (Physics, chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer) apparatus/equipment’s:- The concerned subject teachers from classes I to XII will take their classes to show demonstration of different apparatus and equipment’s in different labs in order to develop scientific temperament in the children. They are also asked to make a list of the things saw in the labs.
    • Result of the programme: - Improvement of handwriting can be seen in their subject notebooks. The students enjoyed seeing the different apparatus and equipment’s and developing interest in learning science.


Initiative ( Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation


Distribution of worksheets based on vocabulary , new words , word-meaning and grammar

III , IV , V English

Students will learn more vocabulary and word meaning

Learning objective realized

Smt. A  Mishra (PRT)


Improvement of pronunciation with the help of audio cassettes


Students will understand the pronunciation rules and pronounce the words correctly

Learning objective realized

Smt. A  Mishra (PRT)


For improvement of comprehensive skills(specially reading skill

IV & V


Students will comprehend the text improvement of reading habits

Learning objective realized

Smt. A  Mishra (PRT)


Efforts made for the improvement in the handwriting of the students

II  English , Hindi , EVS

To write beautifully

Improvement seen

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


Writing of difficult words many times

II  English , Hindi , EVS

To write correct spelling

The student learnt this

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


Hindi movie Tare Zameen Par Showed

II  English , Hindi , EVS

To acquire confidence


The student watch this movie attentively

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


400 reading cards used

II English

To improve comprehensive skill

The student realized

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


Used worksheet

I, II  Maths , I English ,II Hindi

Student will learn easily

This object realized

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


Slide show animals

Class II EVS

To bring the student close to animals

Learning objective realized

T. C. Bairwa (PRT)


Through flash cards , circles Factor tree work sheet , To explain multiplies and factors , Group formation

V Maths

 Develops squinted thinking and accuracy


S,K. Jain (PRT)


By story telling of Kabariwala to give . calculation based on waste materials according Rate list

IV Maths

To develop confidence in money transaction together  fast multiplication and calculation

Yes learning objective realized

S. K Jain (PRT)


By Showing some pictures of sense organism  by showing postures of different people (handicap)


1) To develop scientific and sympathetic attitude

2) To develop helping nature among the students for handicap person

Learning objective realized



Introduction of, vowels, reading small letters, poem recitation with actions, matching objects with the alphabets etc.


I English

Recognition of alphabets and pronunciation of small letters.

Enhance imagination power of the students



Miss Rekha Kaushik




Introduction of myself, my belongings, my surroundings, i.e. my family, my body parts, my school, seasons etc.





Developing imagination power,identification,exploring Developing imagination power,identification,exploring environment environment



Miss Rekha Kaushik




Introduction of basic operation in mathematics,i.e.addition and subtraction,volume,more and less,money


II Maths

Forming number concepts, understanding basic operation, problem solving ability, ability to do oral calculation.


Miss Rekha Kaushik



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